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What to Avoid When Looking for a Divorce Law Firm in Rockville Centre, NY

Thinking about divorce? When people find themselves in an unhappy marriage, they may look for a Divorce Law Firm Rockville Centre NY. While divorce is usually bittersweet, at best, the entire process can get a lot more complicated when people make bad, emotionally-driven decisions in the time leading up to the divorce. Here are some things to avoid when contemplating a divorce.

Things Not to Do

  • Refuse marital counseling.
  • There is a television psychologist who says that people have to earn their way out of bad marriages. Though his advice might not fit all scenarios, the reality is that counseling is often ordered for divorcing couples, especially when there are children involved. Even if counseling does not save a marriage, it may improve post-divorce communications.
  • Talk badly about a partner to the children.
  • No matter what mom or dad did, courts frown on a parent bad-mouthing the other parent to the kids. The kids also frown upon it. If an ex is a bad guy, the kids will figure it out without anyone telling them about it. Besides, children often internalize negative comments about their parents and assume those comments also apply to the kids.
  • Get pregnant.
  • If a marriage is rocky enough to be contemplating divorce, the last thing it needs is the added stress of a pregnancy. Having any children complicates a divorce because of custody and child support issues, but being pregnant can draw out the resolution of the divorce, and having a newborn can complicate standard custody agreements.
  • Try to hide assets.
  • In addition to looking at actions taken after a divorce has been filed, the court can look at actions that either party took in preparation for the divorce. Attempting to hide or divert assets from the marriage or engaging in unusual or wild spending can be enough to convince the court that a party acted in bad faith.
  • Assume that divorce means war.
  • While there are some circumstances where it might be necessary to go to war, the reality is that the more peaceful and amicable the divorce proceedings the more quickly it can be resolved, which means fewer attorney fees and usually a better financial distribution for both parties.

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