What You Should Know Before Hiring Workers Comp Lawyers in Pittsburgh PA

by | Jul 27, 2018 | Lawyers

When a person slips and falls in a grocery store, it’s a pretty open and shut case of who was responsible. However, when an accident occurs at work, it’s a bit more complicated about who the responsible party is, and if you should pursue a settlement for the injuries. After all, it’s a bit intimidating when it’s a case against people you know and works with. You may be worried that your job could be in jeopardy or pursuing the case could prevent advancement within the company. But, below, you’ll find some interesting information to make you decide if it’s time to hire Workers Comp Lawyers in Pittsburgh PA.


While it’s not necessary to have a lawyer to file a claim, if you’re injured on the job or become ill due to job conditions, it’s important to see a doctor and file a worker’s comp claim immediately. Keep in mind, filing a workers comp claim is more complicated when trying to file for sicknesses or conditions such as mesothelioma or carpel tunnel syndrome, so time is of the essence. The truth of the matter is if a worker delays filing after they’ve been sick or injured, it poses a disadvantage and could result in the claim being denied by the insurance company. Whenever there is a significant time delay between injury and reporting, red flags are thrown by the insurance company suspecting the claim is fraudulent.


There are several situations where you will want to secure a lawyer on your side. After all, your place of business certainly has lawyers on their side! First of all, if you have surgery, it’s in your best interests to find an attorney. Furthermore, if you and your physician do not believe your condition will return to the same condition it was before the accident/injury/illness, you should contact an attorney. Lastly, you should retain an attorney if your claim was unjustly declined by the insurance carrier.

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