Why an Online Review for a DWI Lawyer in Salisbury, MD Could Be Full of Holes

by | Sep 2, 2016 | Lawyers

The web is the go-to source for everything, from finding a great ice cream shop to cheap gas stations to explore the most exciting cities in the state. The Internet is also filled with reviews, which guide some of the above decisions. Reviews can also be problematically filled with false claims and strongly biased issues that should always be taken liberally.

Reviews and Impressions

Online reviews are sporadic. Good ones could be fake, and bad ones could be unfair or exaggerated. Online reviews should be taken with a grain of salt, but they certainly offer a broad look at an attorney’s particular “style” and their impression in the community. A really good DWI lawyer in Salisbury, MD may respond to certain concerns or comments.

Online reviews with lawyers are also problematic because of identity clauses and other various stipulations. For example, a past client may not be allowed to speak about their experience. Their experience could be good or bad. It often doesn’t matter. Part of the settlement and case they went through may require suppression (also referred to as a gag order). This could put a review in a potentially illegal light.

Reviews also act as a broad highlight. That is hardly possible with most court concerns that are layered and complex. There are thousands of variables that can go into a settlement, and it can rarely be summed up in a one-star review, let alone a glowing five star review DWI lawyer in Salisbury, MD.

Now, this is not to say that reviews are pointless for a DWI lawyer in Salisbury, MD. They can be a wonderful guide to choosing one over another. But, they are only a guide. Reviews should be references as an average, an overall impression of a particular attorney’s ability to deliver. Reviews for an ice cream shop may be less nuanced, but reviews for a legal firm have many layers, some seen and others unseen, that can make a paragraph review a grossly simplified version of a complex reality.

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