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Why Hire a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in Portland, OR?

When facing legal charges of any kind, there’s no question it can be a confusing and scary situation. For most people, especially those who have never dealt with federal criminal charges in the past, hiring a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in Portland OR is a smart move. While there isn’t a legal requirement for an individual to have legal representation, it is highly recommended.

For those who are unsure if hiring an attorney is a good idea, keep reading. Learn some of the reasons for hiring a lawyer to help with federal criminal charges and why doing so is a smart move.

They Understand the Law

Any time someone is facing criminal charges, having an attorney is a good idea. However, for federal charges, this becomes even more important. Federal laws are complex and always changing. An attorney can help their clients navigate the complex legal landscape, understand their rights, and determine what the most likely outcome of the situation is.

Also, the attorney can negotiate with the prosecutor in the case and, in some situations, help their clients get a plea agreement, allowing them to avoid a trial. While this isn’t always possible (even with the help of an attorney), it is something that is more likely to happen when a defendant hires a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in Portland OR.

Advice and Guidance

Sometimes, the prosecution will offer a good deal. In other situations, they won’t. For those who have never faced criminal charges before, knowing the difference between a good and a bad deal is difficult. An attorney can explain the pros and cons of a deal that is presented and help their client decide if it is an option they are willing to, or should, consider. Trying to decide this alone can be difficult and overwhelming.

Federal charges are serious and most come with extensive jail time and fines. While there is no guarantee that all the consequences can be avoided, with the help of an attorney a positive outcome is a bit more likely. Learn more about hiring an attorney for fighting a federal crime charge by taking the time to Contact website Today.

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