Why Seeking Help With Issues Related to Employment Law in Northampton, MA Matters

by | Jan 22, 2016 | Lawyers

As any new business owner knows, there are all sorts of legal matters to address. Some of those matters have to do with establishing the terms that employers and employees use as the basis for the working relationship. This is where seeking help from an attorney who practices Employment Law Northampton MA, will make a difference. Here are some of the matters that the attorney can help the employer address.

Employment Contracts

Depending on the type of work that the employee will do for the company, there is the need to create a contract that is in line with the current provisions found in employment law in Northampton, MA. Clauses that relate to who owns any ideas that the client develops for goods or services during the period of employment, conditions related to ending the relationship, and even whether or not the employee is free to go to work for a direct competitor for a period of time can all be addressed in this document or one of the appended forms. Knowing that the text used in the documents is in full compliance with current laws will go a long way toward making sure the provisions will hold up if there is a need to go to court later.

Employee Handbooks

The purpose of employee handbooks is to establish the policies, procedures, and standards for personal conduct on the job. The contents are intended to apply to everyone who is employed with the company, up to and including the executive officers. It is wise to not release a final draft of any employee handbook until legal counsel for the company goes over every word of the text. Doing so will make it easier to clear up any ambiguities about what is expected, what happens if there is some breach of a policy, and if any changes are needed to bring the handbook in line with current or pending employment laws.

Health and Safety Matters

Even in settings that are considered high risk, like construction, the employer must take certain measures to ensure that employees are safe. An attorney can help the client understand what those measures are and what it will take to ensure the effort satisfied local safety and regulatory officials.

For business owners who need help understanding employment law, visit us website and arrange for a consultation today. Making the effort now will prevent a lot of difficulties in the years ahead.

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