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Why You Should Consult with a Lawyer in Manhattan, KS When Drawing Up or Updating a Will

An important aspect of estate planning is having an up-to-date will. While there are places online that suggest that creating a will is as simple as downloading a few documents, making an ironclad will that cannot be contested and making sure that it is under state law and updated frequently will often require the services of a lawyer in Manhattan, KS.

The Laws Governing Wills

There are a few things that have to be considered when a person is putting together a last will. The first thing is that they have to understand the rules and the statutes concerning a last will and testament under the state that they live in. Every state is different. Some differences are rather minor while others significant, and what would constitute a legally binding will in one state may not in another. That is why having the services of an attorney, especially one that understands the nuances of state law concerning wills, is going to be extremely important.


The other thing is that if a person currently has a will, they will want to make sure that that document is updated as often as necessary. For example, if a person’s wishes change under the dissemination of their assets after they die, it needs to be reflected in the will. If a person that was supposed to receive an inheritance passes away, that part of the will needs to be amended. If a person divorces their spouse, or perhaps they get remarried and they want to leave something to their new spouse, their will needs to be updated. These are things that a lawyer in Manhattan, KS can do for their clients.

The will isn’t the only thing that needs to be taken care of when a person is planning their estate, but it is a vital aspect. That’s why, if you currently don’t have a will or perhaps your will is out of date, you should speak with an attorney. Whether the will is invalid in the state of Kansas, or it simply needs to be changed, to get a legal opinion on what you should do, you may want to contact the Oleen Law Firm, or you can simply click here for more information.

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