Workers Comp Lawyers in Melbourne FL Provide a Truly Important Service

by | Jul 4, 2018 | Lawyers

All employers in Florida are required, by law, to maintain insurance that covers workers in the event they become injured while on the job. While certain specified behaviors and situations can disqualify workers from this form of protection, most well-founded claims should rightly be paid by insurers.

Unfortunately, companies that provide worker’s compensation coverage always have an incentive to minimize their costs and pay out as little as possible. Workers Comp Lawyers in Melbourne FL like those at Matheson, Horowitz & Devonmille regularly help families in the area secure the compensation they are owed.

Insurers Are Often Less Willing to Cooperate Than Would be Hoped

A single worker’s compensation claim can end up costing an insurance company a hundred thousand dollars or more. As a result, almost every such claim will be taken seriously, subjected to significant scrutiny, and contested, however, might seem appropriate.

Even suffering a devastating injury on the job can, therefore, leave a worker without access, at least initially, to the compensation that rightly ought to be forthcoming. With a variety of loopholes and caveats to take advantage of, insurers regularly try to deny claims that are entirely legitimate.

Attorneys Restore the Balance of Power

Of course, no worker should ever have to suffer in this way on top of already being injured while carrying out employment related duties. Workers Comp Lawyers in Melbourne FL are always ready to step in and help to ensure that their clients will be compensated appropriately. A claim made under Florida’s worker’s compensation laws can entitle an individual or their relatives to compensation covering matters including:

• Medical treatment: Even workers with relatively comprehensive health insurance can still face significant costs of treatment after being injured. Being sure that these bills will be paid by an insurer will always make a recovery easier.

• Lost wages: Many workers who are injured on the job take quite a while to recover fully. In the meantime, most will be owed compensation for the wages they lost as a result of their disability.

• Death: In the especially unfortunate case where a worker dies on the job, surviving dependents will typically be entitled to compensation, as well.

With lawyers being ready to fight for these types of compensation, those contemplating worker’s compensation claims of their own will always do well to seek assistance. Doing so will be the best way to ensure a successful resolution to any such matter.

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