3 Benefits Provided by Bail Bonds

by | Jul 11, 2018 | Lawyers

Clayton County police make thousands of arrests a year but many defendants are freed so quickly that few people learn about their troubles. Most quick releases are expedited by professionals like Free At Last Bail Bonds. They write bail bonds in Clayton County for clients who cannot afford to pay the entire amount of bail set by the judges. Bonds guarantee that defendants will meet all court requirements, and they are freed until their court dates so they avoid missing work or being incarcerated with dangerous inmates.

Defendants Gain Vital Freedom

Bail Bonds in Clayton County allow defendants to continue with their lives even though they have been arrested. Bond agents know the prison systems well, which makes it possible for them to get clients freed in a short time. Many arrangements are made over the phone. Agents are discrete and guard clients’ personal information. As a result, many defendants go about their lives without anyone knowing they were arrested. They can keep their jobs, take care of personal obligations and work on their defenses.

Bail Bond Services Save Clients Money

A bail bond allows a defendant to remain free without paying the entire amount of bail set by the courts. Most bail companies charge clients 10% of the bail amount. That means that if a judge sets bail at $10,000, the person must pay $1,000 for their bond. Most bondsmen accept collateral in the form of property, cash or even vehicles. Bail also helps clients avoid losing pay, and they are spared jail costs. Jail is not free. Inmates must pay for any food other than the basic meals they are served. They also pay for toiletries, shirts and underwear.

Jail Dangers Are Minimized

A typical jail houses every type of offender. Those arrested for DUI’s may be in facilities with violent offenders. The chance of problems grows with the length of time inmates remain incarcerated. A bond agent can get their clients out of jail fast enough to prevent harassment or injuries.

Bail agents get defendants out of jail by guaranteeing they will make their court dates. Agents free clients in a short time and save them the costs of paying the entire bail amount. Quick releases protect clients from dangerous inmates and allow them to meet personal obligations.

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