Experienced Family Law Firm in Temecula

by | Jul 10, 2018 | Lawyers

When choosing divorce as the last available option, things can get stressful. Anytime kids’ well-being and family matters are at stake, it’s very important that a family lawyer is there to help with difficult decisions.


At the Law Office of Michelle Penna, clients are given top priority in all of their cases. Dealing with family issues is always a sensitive subject. Michelle and her team will be understanding and compassionate in all situations. For cases involving children, it is especially important to put the child’s interest first. Free consultations are provided for those who are not quite sure where to start.


Mediation is done so that both parties have a chance to be heard and an agreed-upon solution can be determined without having to battle in court. In many divorce cases, mediation is a wonderful alternative for both parents to decide on their custody arrangement. It is much more cost effective to go through mediation than it is to go to court. Both parties will have a chance to be heard by a third-party facilitator. The mediator will work to put the mediation agreement in place. Michelle Penna’s family law firm in Temecula offers mediation as an alternative dispute resolution.


Choosing the proper arrangement for child custody can be confusing. When working with a family lawyer, they will listen to your argument and provide legal support in court so the judge can make the best decision for everyone involved. Adoption is also a custody issue that can be a sensitive subject and requires compassion and understanding. Every situation is unique and deserves to be treated as such.


Hiring a family lawyer is not a sign of weakness or failure. When important matters are at stake, a lawyer is there to make sure their client is protected. An experienced attorney will make the process of divorce, custody, adoption, and any other type of family law a painless process with the best results possible. For more information on how a family law firm in Temecula can assist, browse the website to learn more.

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