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3 Reasons To Immediately Contact A Los Angeles Truck Accident Attorney After A Crash

A car accident in Los Angeles is both traumatic as well as potentially a situation where serious injuries and even fatalities can occur. When one of the vehicles in the accident is a big rig, the chances of injuries and death go up substantially.

Whenever a driver or a passenger is hurt or killed in an accident with a semi rig, it is essential to start working with a truck accident attorney as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this is often a very difficult time for the injured person or the survivors in the family, but it is critical to retain an attorney very early on in the process.

Severity of Injuries and Settlement Offers

Too often, particularly with a serious, debilitating injury or death, insurance companies move in quickly to make an initial settlement offer. This may seem like a large amount, but it is rarely all that is possible to be offered through representation by an experienced truck accident attorney in Los Angeles.

Always consult with an attorney before accepting a settlement as, once accepted, there is limited recourse to change the decision.

Ability to Collect Witness Statements and Information

In order to prove a case or to have compelling information to use in settlement meetings, your truck accident attorney will need to have time to track down witnesses, obtain statements and even arrange for experts for testimony.

By having an attorney early in the case and close to the time of the accident this type of documentation gathering is much easier.

Time to Prepare the Case

Aside from talking to witnesses and gathering information, the Los Angeles attorney has many steps to take in settling your case. If at all possible, settling out of court and before a trail is the best option for most clients after any type of accident.

Early preparation allows the attorney time to prepare to complete an out of court settlement or begin the process to have the case heard before the court.

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