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A Criminal Attorney in Manchester CT Provides Aggressive Defense for the Falsely Accused

Being falsely accused of a crime, then being arrested and charged with that crime, is a very scary experience. The person probably feels a sense of panic and doesn’t know where to turn. One of the first important actions is to hire a Criminal Attorney in Manchester CT for aggressive legal defense. This is a crucial step in protecting one’s rights, freedom, and future.

Often, when an innocent person is arrested, the arrest happens entirely unexpectedly. The person is blindsided and cannot imagine how this happened. He or she may feel compelled to cooperate with the arresting officers, but it’s important to remember legal rights as specified in the U.S. Constitution. The individual is not required to answer any questions or provide information to law enforcement officials. Once the lawyer has arrived, this legal professional can counsel the client as to which questions are acceptable and which should not be answered at this time.

A Criminal Attorney in Manchester CT puts forth every effort to make sure the innocent client is cleared of the charges and accusations. People who are not guilty usually do not want to accept a plea bargain, even if it means avoiding a prison sentence since that requires admitting guilt. Nevertheless, in some cases, a plea bargain with a sentence of probation turns out to be the better option. There is no guarantee what a jury will decide. If an eyewitness has made a mistaken identification of this person and is adamant about that identification, this factor can be very difficult to overcome. The situation is even more problematic if the defendant does not have an alibi for the time in question, and worse, if other evidence ties this person to the scene.

Lawyers with a firm such as Kahan Kerensky and Capossela LLP provide experienced counsel so the client can decide which strategy is better to pursue. Some will proceed to trial and trust that a jury of their peers will make the right decision. Others will choose the plea bargain as a guarantee to maintain their freedom, trusting that their family, friends, and colleagues will understand why this choice was the only acceptable possibility.

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