Questions to Ask an Attorney During Real Estate Planning in Nassau County NY

by | Dec 14, 2016 | Lawyers

Where real estate transactions are concerned, there are certain times where it is beneficial to hire a legal professional. Those looking to buy a foreclosure or short sale or having trouble with a simple transaction should consider hiring an attorney. Before signing a contract, a buyer should ask these five questions to ensure a potential attorney has the necessary qualifications and skills.

How Long has the Attorney Been in Practice?

Experience is one of the most important qualities in a real estate attorney. The more complex the transaction, the more experience the lawyer should possess. However, clients should consider that they may pay more for help from an attorney who’s been practicing for decades than they would for one who is just out of school. It is advisable to ask the attorney with The Law Offices of Peter Morra if they focus on a particular segment of real estate law and to find out where they earned their degree. Laws vary by jurisdiction, and it is important to ensure that the chosen attorney knows Real Estate Planning Nassau County NY.

Has the Attorney Handled Similar Cases?

Every transaction is different and it is to the client’s advantage to find a lawyer who has handled similar cases. Choosing an attorney who knows the particular transaction type can work in a client’s favor because the attorney can anticipate and avoid many problems. While it is not possible to get specific details on previous cases, it is acceptable to ask the attorney for strategic advice on Real Estate Planning Nassau County NY.

What are the Attorney’s Fees?

Knowing an attorney’s fees up front can eliminate frustration later in the case. Depending on the transaction type, a client may be billed by the hour or by a flat rate. Hourly billing can cost up to $450 per hour depending on the case’s complexity. While price is an important consideration, it should not be the only standard by which a lawyer is judged. In some situations, it is wise to pay more to get the desired outcome. Visit here to know more.

Ultimately, selecting a real estate lawyer comes down to the client finding someone they feel can do the job. By doing careful research and asking pertinent questions, clients can ensure that they find the right fit for Real Estate Planning Nassau County NY.

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