Reviewing Divorce Grounds With A Family Law Attorney In Cincinnati, OH

by | Dec 13, 2016 | Attorneys

In Ohio, divorce petitioners must provide evidence when choosing fault-based grounds. These grounds designate a specific condition that led to the breakdown of the marriage. Select grounds may require further action by the petitioner as well. The following is a review of divorce grounds that is available through a Family Law Attorney in Cincinnati OH.

What is Extreme Cruelty?

Extreme cruelty encompasses serious allegations of violence. While in some cases domestic violence qualifies for this ground, most cases in which this ground is identified are far more severe. These cases include excessive malice and abuse. They may also involve imprisonment of the spouse or other instances where they were held against their will. These cases require extensive physical and psychological evidence that show signs of extreme abuse.

What is Defined as Gross Neglect of Duty?

Gross neglect of duty also encompasses a broad range of events. The failure of duty could include a failure to consummate the marriage or constitute impotence in men. It could also include a failure to provide financial support. Any promises made pertaining to the marriage that weren’t fulfilled fall under this category. This could also include a lack of children if either party was sterile when the marriage began and failed to disclose this information.

What are the Effects of a Procurement of a Divorce Outside of the State?

Ohio Code Section 3105.01 details the effects of a procurement of a divorce outside the state. If the divorce is achieved, under this code, the other party remains obligated to the marriage and must file their own petition for a divorce. This occurs most often when a spouse uses service by the public to acquire a divorce. This indicates that the defendant wasn’t aware of the divorce and the petitioner claimed they were unaware of their spouse’s whereabouts. When this occurs, the defendant in the original case may use procurement of a divorce outside the state as their divorce grounds.

In Ohio, all divorce petitioners must present grounds in their divorce petition. The grounds are either fault-based or based on no fault. When they are fault-based additional evidence is required. Petitioners who need help with their divorce contact a Family Law Attorney in Cincinnati OH by visiting website today.

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