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Acquiring Social Security Benefits in Bellingham, WA with the Help of an Attorney

Not everybody that has been temporarily or permanently disabled has insurance coverage or disability coverage through their employer to compensate for a loss of income. In these situations, many people look to Social Security disability benefits as a way to provide the income needed to pay their bills and keep food on the table. These benefits can be extremely helpful for people who are unable to work, but they are often extremely difficult to secure.

The Challenge of Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits

It is estimated that over 70% of all initial claims for Social Security disability benefits are denied. In addition to this, because the Social Security Administration is not equipped to handle the level of claims they receive, the waiting time for a claim to be processed can take months. This can be an interminable amount of time for people to have to wait for disability income. That’s why many individuals, whether they are still waiting for their claim to be processed or they have been denied disability benefits already, turn to attorneys that handle Social Security Benefits in Bellingham WA.

The Advantages of Hiring a Disability Attorney

These attorneys work on a contingency fee, which is important because many of their clients don’t have a great deal of money to pay an attorney. Also, these attorneys understand the complicated and time-consuming process of filing for Social Security disability benefits. They also know how to combat the rejection of benefits, even if their clients clearly qualify for this sort of financial compensation.

How the Attorney Handles the Social Security Administration

In some cases, an attorney can ask for a review of a rejected claim. In other situations, they may have to proceed by filing a lawsuit against the Social Security Administration. Regardless of the methods used, an attorney that handles Social Security Benefits in Bellingham WA has various ways in which they can properly represent their clients.

If you’re in a situation where you need Social Security benefits, but you’re waiting to hear about the status of your application or you’ve been turned down, the Allen Law Firm may be able to help. If you’d like, you can contact his law firm and schedule a consultation to discuss your situation with an attorney.

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