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Avoid Criminal Charges With a Criminal Defense Attorney in Mayville, WI

When a fight occurs, it can be difficult for the police to tell who was the instigator and who should be charged with assault. In some cases, both of the people involved in the fight will be arrested and charged with assault. It’s going to take the assistance of a Criminal Defense Attorney in Mayville WI to prove who caused the fight so the victim does not face a criminal conviction.

Contacting a Lawyer for Help

The victim will want to make sure they do not speak with anyone about the incident before contacting a lawyer for help. It’s crucial to contact a lawyer as quickly as possible so the lawyer can start working on their case. Evidence might be lost or no longer available if the person takes too long to contact a lawyer. The faster a person can contact a lawyer, the more a lawyer can help in most cases.

Interviewing Witnesses

If there were witnesses to the fight or the cause of the fight, the victim’s lawyer will want to interview them as quickly as possible. During the time after the fight, it’s possible for witnesses to forget some information or to become unsure of what they saw. If they are interviewed as quickly as possible after the fight occurs, it’s more likely they can provide a statement that will help prove the victim was actually a victim of the fight.

Reviewing Security Camera Footage

Security camera footage can be instrumental in helping a victim prove they did not cause the fight. However, most businesses do not keep the footage from any particular night unless requested, and video can be recorded over if it is not obtained quickly. When the victim contacts a lawyer, the lawyer can then request the security camera footage to help show their client was the victim and should not be charged.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with assault even though you were not the person who caused the fight, contact a Criminal Defense Attorney in Mayville WI right away. They might be able to prove you were the victim so the charges against you can be dropped. Visit the website to learn more or to find a lawyer today. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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