Advantages Of Hiring A Social Security Attorney In Rockford

by | Nov 15, 2017 | Lawyers

If you cannot work because of a disability, you may be worried about your financial health. Many people find that they’re too young to collect SS pensions but can’t work and get the money they need. In these cases, it can be helpful to file for disability through the SSA. To receive them, you have to meet all the standards of the SSA, and they have a variety of rules that must be considered. In most cases, people have trouble getting everything done correctly, and a social security attorney in Rockford can help. They can ensure that everything is complete and done correctly, but they can also give you a better chance of winning and getting approved.

Initially Denied

Most people don’t realize it, but almost 53 percent of claims are initially denied by the SSA. Only about 28 percent of the applicants were awarded any benefits and may not have gotten everything they were entitled to receive. Those who are represented by a social security attorney in Rockford have a better chance of getting approved the first time because they have fully completed applications and a knowledgeable lawyer on their side.

Denied On A Technicality

While there may be some severe problems with your application, such as missing information, most of it comes down to a technicality, such as the fact that you forgot to sign or date the form. Attorneys know how to catch these mistakes before you send in the application, reducing the need to reapply.

Laws Always Change And Are Complex

Hiring a lawyer can help you because the law is forever changing and very hard to understand, which is why lawyers have a lot of training and education.

A social security attorney in Rockford can help you through the process of filing for disability. Visit the Law Office of Rabin, Kodner, & Brown today for more information.

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