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A Truck Accident Attorney in Greenbelt Helps Injured Clients Acquire Reasonable Compensation

A collision with a semi-truck can have consequences that last a lifetime. An individual who has been seriously injured in this type of incident needs an Accident Attorney in Greenbelt to make sure the insurance company pays a reasonable settlement. These lawyers offer free consultations so the person can learn whether any settlement offer already on the table is appropriate and discuss how to proceed.

Trucking Accidents

About half a million trucking accidents happen in each year in this country, although many do not involve passenger vehicles. Semi drivers are not always to blame. However, sometimes, they drive when they are too fatigued. They may travel too fast when they are late for a pickup or delivery, which is especially dangerous on slippery or foggy roads. The trucking company may not have maintained the vehicle or trailer properly, leading to tire blowouts and other hazardous situations.

Paying an Attorney

Many people worry about how they will pay an Accident Attorney in Greenbelt. Personal injury lawyers generally do not ask for retainer fees. They know their clients typically are struggling financially because of the repercussions of the accident. Instead, it is standard for them to accept a percentage of the settlement they achieve for their client. That percentage usually is one-third of the amount.

The client must factor that figure into the equation as to what the final amount of his or her check will be. In addition, if the person’s own health insurance paid for medical expenses related to the accident, that insurance company will be reimbursed using proceeds from the settlement. The trucking company’s insurance is supposed to pay for those costs.

What the Injury Lawyer Does

An organization such as Jaklitsch Law Group works to negotiate a fair settlement and avoid trial, since going to court is a long and expensive process. The lawyer on the case gathers all the necessary information and creates legal documents to file with the court if required. Expert witnesses often are called in on truck accident cases to reconstruct the scene and make statements. Throughout the process, the lawyer provides aggressive legal representation for the client.

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