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Understanding Different Options With Bail Bonding Companies in Atlanta

Bail Bonding Companies in Atlanta generally offer two kinds of options to customers. These are secured and unsecured agreements. Secured bail requires collateral, such as a vehicle or real estate. This is typically required with high bail amounts, so the bonding service is not at risk of losing a great deal of money if the individual runs away. Unsecured agreements actually are less common than secured. Even when somebody only needs $2,000 for a bail payment, the bonding service may prefer to have a vehicle title to hold as collateral.

Bail Bond Fees

There also is a fee required by Bail Bonding Companies in Atlanta for this service. Ten percent is standard. Sometimes it takes a while for an arrested person to even come up with that amount, since so many people who are charged with crimes do not have much money. Friends and family members might get together and provide the $200 needed to secure a $2,000 bail bond.

The Risk for Friends and Family Who Arrange a Bond

If the individual does flee after being released from jail, the person who actually signed for the bond now is responsible for the full bail amount unless it was secured by a suitable amount of collateral. Bail is forfeited to the court if the defendant does not appear for trial or other court appointments.

That’s why it’s essential that everyone involved understands their financial liability and risk. This is particularly important if a family member uses real estate as collateral for their relative’s release. They could conceivably lose their home if the defendant disappears.

Having the Bail Amount Returned

If the individual does attend all court appointments as scheduled until the case is concluded, the bail money is returned to the person who paid it, even if the individual who was charged is found guilty. This is because bail is not a fine or monetary penalty, and it is not a fee, even though it may feel that way to the person who has to pay it. However, cash paid to a bonding service is not returned, as this is a service fee. Anyone who needs assistance with paying bail in any amount may Contact Free At Last Bail Bonds.

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