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A Brief Overview of the Louisiana Lemon Law

The Attorney General in Louisiana defines the Louisiana lemon law as applying to a new car or truck that is defective enough to severely impair the use of that car or truck and its market value. For car dealerships that might be easy to understand, but for everyday people who have bought a lemon, that legal terminology can be confusing. If you are confused about what the lemon law can do for you, read on below for a little help.

Your Car is a Lemon If…

   * Your vehicle has gone through four attempts to repair it for the same issue in a years’ time or during the warranty period.
   * If your car has been out of commission for at least 45 days during the same period as listed above.

What Vehicles are Covered Under Louisiana Lemon Law?

There are some vehicles that are covered and some that are not under the lemon laws of Louisiana.

   * Passenger vehicles that are purchased in Louisiana
   * Commercial vehicles that are purchased in Louisiana
   * Personal watercrafts or ATV’s that were purchased or are still under warranty after 8/15/1999

What Vehicles are not Covered Under Louisiana Lemon Law?

   * Vehicles that are newly leased
   * Motorcycles
   * Mobile homes
   * RV’s
   * Demonstrator vehicles

When to File a Claim?

Before you file a legal claim under the lemon law in Louisiana, you have to work with the company who made the vehicle to fix the problem and give them ample time to do so.  While the company is having the problem fixed, you can rent a car, which the dealer has to reimburse you $20 a day on.

This is just a little of what you need to know about the lemon laws in Louisiana. For help and more information, contact the professionals at Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center®.

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