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by | Apr 14, 2016 | Lawyers

Most slip and fall cases are based on the theories of premises liability and negligence. The owner of a business must maintain the building in a way that’s safe for customers, and failing in this regard can result in liability for injuries occurring because of the unsafe condition. Read on to learn more about slip and fall claims.

Indoor Slip and Fall Cases

Numerous factors are to be considered in a slip and fall accident that occurs indoors. Lawyers with McGlone Law typically consider the factors listed below.

*     Flooring: All floors should be free of oil, liquid or debris that could cause someone to slip. This is particularly true in restaurants, grocery stores and other places where food is sold or served.

*     Stairs: All staircases should be properly maintained, with posted warning signs and handrails. Businesses should be fully handicapped-accessible.

*     Escalators and elevators: These commonly cause slip and fall accidents. They should be kept in good working order, and they should be kept clear of debris and protruding objects.

Outdoor Slip and Fall Accidents

For an outdoor slip and fall claim, an attorney or judge will typically consider the following factors.

*     Weather: Sleet, snow, rain and hail can make outdoor surfaces very slippery. Ice in particular can cause severe injuries in a slip and fall accident.

*     Lighting: Poor lighting may contribute to some slip and fall accidents.

*     Parking lots and garages: Asphalt surfaces can collect grease and oil from cars, which can make the area slippery.

Sidewalks: Poorly maintained driveways and sidewalks can lead to owner liability. However, an owner typically isn’t responsible for the maintenance of property they do not own.

Liability in Outdoor and Indoor Slip and Fall Cases

As mentioned earlier, premises owners are usually liable only for areas under their control. For an indoor claim, this could include an area such as a hallway. For outdoor injury claims, owners are only liable for property they own, and streets or sidewalks are often maintained by the municipality. However, gray areas do exist, and a lawyer with McGlone Law, can help those whose cases fall into these areas.

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