Call Your Local DWI Lawyer in Royse City, TX

by | Mar 15, 2016 | Lawyers

DWI offenses are serious in the state of Texas. First-time offenders can face up to six months in jail and up to a $2,000 fine, unless a minor under the age of fifteen is in the car. Worst of all, the defendant’s license can be suspended for as long as a year. With penalties like that, it’s a good idea to contact a lawyer in Royse City, TX, right away if DWI charges have been filed. In many cases, the charges can be dropped and the defendant could walk out of court without points deduced from their license, without fines to pay, and most importantly, no jail time to serve. After a DWI arrest, the first call to make is to a lawyer.

The most common defense in a DWI case is a lack of evidence for the prosecution. In many cases, the breathalyzer used at the time of the arrest could have been calibrated improperly. This could lead to inaccurate results in the test. A driver with a blood alcohol count (BAC) within the legal limit could be arrested for no reason. It could also be argued that the test was not administered properly. If the officer taking the results did not use the breathalyzer property, the defendant might be facing charges based on corrupted evidence. Lawyers such as those found at the Law Offices of Tim Hartley are eager to help drivers prove their innocence in court and to avoid fines and penalties reserved for drunk drivers who pose a danger on the road.

With help from a lawyer in Royse City, TX, defendants will be able to fight in court instead of facing penalties they don’t deserve. Drivers 21 years or older can legally have a blood alcohol content of 0.8 percent. Anything higher is considered to be driving while intoxicated. Corrupted or inaccurate breathalyzer results should not result in huge fines or even jail time. Detailed information about DWI law, how to set up a consultation, or how to start fighting a DWI charge can be found online. Many lawyers have ads saying ” Browse our website “, where more information is available.

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