Civil Harassment Attorneys in Menifee Can Help a Victim Get a Restraining Order

by | Feb 14, 2018 | Divorce Law

No one has to deal with harassment by their neighbours, former friends, or acquaintances. There are laws in place to prevent harassment and stalking but, because those charges are difficult to prove, police may not make an arrest. However, there are ways for victims to protect themselves from this kind of threatening behaviour. civil harassment attorneys in Menifee can help victims file restraining orders and prove their cases to the court.

Requirements for a Civil Harassment Restraining Order

In order to qualify for a civil harassment restraining order, a victim must have been sexually assaulted, physically abused, stalked, or harassed by another person and be afraid of them. This type of restraining order is not available fir people who have been victimized by their spouses. Victims of family violence may be able to get help from the Law Office of Michelle Penna to get a domestic violence restraining order.

What Can a Restraining Order Do

When a victim of violence or harassment gets a restraining order, the other person is not allowed to contact them at all. This means they cannot call, text, or message them, not even on social media. It’s important to keep records of any contact because, if the person with a restraining order against them violates it, they could be arrested. The subject of a civil harassment restraining order may not own or possess a gun. If they owned one prior to the order, they are required to surrender it.

A restraining order may be temporary or permanent. Judges may issue temporary orders until they are able to hear from both parties. A permanent order may be valid for five years. Victims of sexual assault, physical violence, stalking, or harassment can click here to learn more about the steps they should take to get a court order requiring the other person to stay away from them. The victim cannot end the order by merely allowing contact with the other person. They have to return to court to have the order canceled. It’s important to consult civil harassment attorneys in Menifee before canceling the order to ensure the safety of the victim.

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