A Cost Analysis: Cost of Fees with Estate Planning Attorneys in O’Fallon Missouri

by | Aug 2, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Whether a family wants to deal with it or not, estate planning is an imperative step in the aftermath of a deceased family member. For better or worse, it is an aspect that should not be solely left to the whims of the state. Estate Planning Attorneys in O’Fallon Missouri can help settle an action plan in a probate estate plan. Yet, many families wonder how much is it going to cost upfront? Though the end goal is to settle finances, not spend them, there are state fees and regulatory standards that must be met in this complex process.
The Basic Fee Breakdown- Where it Goes

The fees are all quite reasonable and make sense in the context of estate organization. They all go to one entity or another. Nearly all fees break down into one of four areas in estate planning.

*       Fees for the courts, paperwork filing, and other court documentation.

*      Estate Planning Attorneys in O’Fallon Missouri have applicable fees, which are usually modest and only serve to file documentation as needed.
Appraisal fees when appraisers are needed in the valuation of physical assets, such as a car or home.

*      Fees for the executor if applicable. The executor is the individual assigned in the estate planning to oversee allocation. Contact Estate Planning Niedner Law for information on who would be the executor in any given estate plan.

*      The above is only a basic assessment of how the fees are allocated. It is easy to see how various parties, including the state, are reimbursed for their time on the matter. How are the fees determined?

How is the Price Determined?

The fees are not pulled from a hat. They are based on various components, such as income or the extent of the estate planning. The fees are limited by the total valuation of the estate. For the most part, the fees will not total more than 2% to 5% of the total estate value.

The prices can vary beyond measure, and it is best to speak with a professional for a distinct breakdown of where the costs go. Contact estate planning attorneys in Missouri to get the ball rolling in estate planning.

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