Don’t Go to Trial Without a Criminal Defense Lawyer

by | Aug 29, 2016 | Lawyers

When facing criminal charges the defendant might think they have the smarts to get themselves off without a lawyer. This is the equivalent of taking fists to a gun fight. Not only do most defendants get a guilty verdict, they end up with a worse sentence than they deserve because they were unable to build a viable defense. Depending on the case, there are only a few ways to create a defense, and with the help of a criminal defense lawyer, the options become much clearer. Defendants facing criminal charges need to contact a lawyer right away when the charges are filed. This will give more than adequate time to go over the details of the case and start working on a way to reduce or dismiss charges altogether.

The first thing a defendant needs to do when meeting with their lawyer for the first time is to relay all the details pertaining to the case. This information can make a huge difference in the outcome of the case. Every detail must be clear and truthful, even if the client is guilty. If there is no way to have the charges dismissed, the client can at least work towards a reduced sentence. Each case is as unique as the client. Depending on the type of charges, the criminal record of the client and the approach taken to reduce or dismiss the charges each case will have a different outcome. Two clients with the same background facing the same charges may end up with a completely different sentence based various facts in the case.

A defendant that doesn’t have the advantage of an experienced criminal defense lawyer is going to have a much harder time building a defense, let alone bargaining for a reduced sentence. An experienced lawyer will understand what options are available and which are not a consideration. Leniency is granted for those who can prove that they deserve it. A proper defense begins with a clear understanding of the case and what laws are applicable. Defendants should contact law offices such as those found at website for more information about criminal defense or to schedule a consultation.

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