Drug Defense Lawyers in Mesa AZ Help Clients Deal With a Combination Marijuana and DUI Charge

by | Aug 23, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firms

When someone is convicted of driving under the influence, that’s a serious driving offense. When the person is found to have been driving under the influence of marijuana, the individual now has an even bigger problem. The DUI charge still stands, and there will likely be an additional charge focusing on the use of an illegal substance. Drug Defense Lawyers in Mesa AZ help clients dealing with this type of situation so they can prevent the worst consequences from happening. One strategy might be to focus on the length of time that marijuana’s active chemical component remains in the body, and how this can make a DUI charge inconclusive. The law enforcement officer who pulled the driver over will need more evidence of intoxication. This officer also must have had a good reason to pull the driver over in the first place.

For now, the only way someone may effectively defend his or her use of marijuana in Arizona is to have a card verifying it’s for medical use. The State of Arizona allows the drug for this purpose, but not for recreational use. In addition, driving while under the influence of marijuana is still a crime, even if the person has a prescription for the drug. As with intoxication from alcohol, intoxication with this mind-altering substance impairs driving ability, reaction time and judgment.

Both a DUI charge and a marijuana-related charge carry the possibility of a jail sentence along with hefty financial penalties. Drug Defense Lawyers in Mesa AZ put forth significant effort to have the charges dropped or reduced, the case dismissed or the client found not guilty in court. Arizona takes intoxicated driving very seriously. Even a first offense has an automatic minimum 10-day jail sentence and a fine of more than $1,000. A judge may sentence this individual to additional penalties of community service, a lengthy probation period and participation in a drug dependency rehabilitation program. The person’s driver’s license will almost certainly be suspended for several months, but an organization such as The law firm of Janet R. Feeley L.L.C. will help the client apply for a work-restricted license.

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