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Exercise Your Rights with Wrongful Termination Lawyers in Springfield, MA

It can be devastating to be let go from a job, especially if you feel as though you haven’t done anything wrong. It is against the law to be fired if you have reported problems on your jobsite to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or to other government entities for workplace violations. As wrongful termination lawyers in Springfield, MA will advise you, being fired for being a “whistleblower,” for example, is against the law.

What is a Whistleblower?

Although employees can be let go from a job without being given a reason, they cannot be fired in an act of retaliation. This is especially true if the employee in question previously informed agencies about violations of common protections or statutory protections, as this is considered to be “whistleblowing.”

What are Common Protections?

When wrongful termination lawyers file lawsuits, the courts will look for violations of public policies when the employee was fired. For instance, if an employer violated an employee’s right to privacy, which is a public policy, then a wrongful termination lawsuit may be found to have merit. However, the violation should be defined clearly and be against a well-established public policy.

If a wrongful termination lawsuit is successful, the employee can only be compensated for wages they lost for past services. If the statute against firing the employee offers a remedy to losing their job, then the remedy must be followed and a wrongful termination suit cannot be filed. To find out more about hiring an attorney, go to: visit us website.

What are Statutory Protections?

The state of MA has passed certain statutory protections for public employees and employees who engage in certain jobs, such as medical personnel reporting abuse, abuse of minimum wage laws, wage discrimination based on sex, wages and hours, workmen’s compensation, and other protections. You should seek council from wrongful termination lawyers for being fired for informing on employers under these protections. View website for more details about the wrongful termination lawyers in Springfield, MA.

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