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Facts to Know Before Calling a Workers Comp Lawyers in Melbourne, FL

Though employers strive to ensure workers’ safety on the job, accidents are always possible. Experiencing a workplace injury can be stressful, and some of these injuries can have lasting complications. When an on-the-job injury prevents a person from returning to the job, Workers Comp Lawyers in Melbourne FL can help the employee get the compensation they need. If someone finds themselves unable to work due to an injury, they should remember these facts about worker’s compensation.

Assess the Injury and Get Medical Attention

After a workplace injury, it’s important for the employee to seek medical care as soon as possible. Tell the physician that it’s a work-related injury, and ask them to file a report with the employer’s insurance company and the worker’s compensation board. It is vital to document the injury and its effects on the person’s ability to work.

There are Two Kinds of Injuries

Worker’s compensation deals with two kinds of injuries: schedulable and non-schedulable. A schedulable injury is usually sustained to the legs, arms, hands, feet, toes, eyes, ears, or fingers. When a person reaches the maximum recovery from such an injury, the attorney will work to ensure they get an award for the scheduled loss. Non-scheduled injuries pertain to the back, neck, and head, and they often cause permanent disability. Benefits are based on the patient’s continued loss of earning capacity.

It’s Not Always a Smooth Path to Receiving Benefits

Worker’s compensation pays a percentage of the person’s wages as long as the disability ensures. It covers all of their medical treatments and accident-related transportation expenses, and it pays a certain amount for a permanent injury to some body parts. However, the process doesn’t always work the way it should, and in these cases, a Workers Comp Lawyers in Melbourne FL can give the injured employee the help they need.

Call an Attorney Today

When a person is hurt at work, disappointment and stress can follow. Worker’s compensation is a means by which an injured worker can get the care they need to heal and return to the job, but there are no guarantees that a claim will be accepted. To get the benefits to which one is entitled, call the firm of Matheson, Horowitz & Devonmille today.

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