Get Advice From a Family Law Attorney in Naples About Behaviors That Undermine Primary Child Custody

by | Feb 28, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

When one parent is awarded primary custody of the children after a court battle, that person may feel relieved because the fight is finally over. However, it’s still crucial to avoid behaviors that could undermine the judge’s ruling and lead the other parent to petition for a change in custody. A Family Law Attorney in Naples knows the types of actions that can lead to future problems.

Irresponsible Behavior

Acting irresponsibly is a major factor in custody disputes. A mother or father who is photographed partying at taverns on a regular basis or who is pulled over for drunk driving is at higher risk of losing primary custody. Pictures posted on social media have caused serious trouble for many custodial parents. An attorney with a firm such as the Law Office Of James W. Chandler P.A. can offer advice on other behaviors that should be avoided when someone wants to maintain the current custody arrangement.

Lack of Self-Control

The relationship between the two parents may be volatile, but the parent who wants to maintain child custody must act calmly and rationally. That’s especially important in front of social workers, law enforcement officials, and judges. Going to the other person’s home and standing outside yelling will not make a good impression on the court. Some people even lose control in the courtroom, yelling at the other parent while the judge considers whether this behavior is typical at home and how it affects the kids.

The Importance of Professional Legal Representation

If the other parent ever does request a revisiting of the custody issue, trying to manage the situation without a Family Law Attorney in Naples is inadvisable. Professional legal representation is imperative, even if it seems that a judge would never decide in favor of the petitioner.

Sometimes, a temporary custody or visitation schedule is set up under a judge’s order. No matter how much one of the parents dislikes this situation, he or she should never disobey the order. Doing so signals to the court that the individual is disrespectful of the law. This makes any attempt to change the arrangement later significantly more difficult.

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