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Helping Veterans Get the Health and Long-Term Care They Deserve

Veterans benefits attorneys in Ohio may be able to help veterans get the health and long-term care they deserve. Applying for these programs can be time-consuming and get to a point where a veteran feels that the energy being expended to get the compensation they deserve is too much. However, veterans benefits attorneys in Ohio may be able to make the process easier by pulling back the curtain on the application process and helping the veteran cut through the red tape that would otherwise prevent them from getting the care that they need.

Government programs offer financial help to veterans and surviving spouses, especially if they need regular help from another person to help them with things like getting dressed, using the toilet, and other tasks related to hygiene and grooming.

These benefits can also cover expenses connected to assisted living facilities. It is important to point out that this benefit is available for those who have a wartime service record and their surviving spouse. In order to apply for this benefit, the veteran or their spouse must be 65 years of age and older. They must also meet the basic qualifications for the VA basic pension.

Clearly, getting access to these benefits can improve the quality of life for a veteran and their spouse. They can have much of their stress reduced.

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