Hire a Child Custody Lawyer in Chandler, AZ for the Best Outcome

by | Jan 10, 2017 | Lawyers

Child custody court proceedings are emotionally charged. Staying grounded during the situation starts with an experienced child custody lawyer in Chandler, AZ. The term child custody has been changed to legal decision-making. The courts now determine which parent will have the legal decision-making authority for a child. In some cases, both parties will have the ability to make the important decisions and in other families, only one parent will. The courts always make their determination of what is in the best interest of the child. A lawyer can help guide a parent through the legal process, and show them in the best light possible for all court proceedings.

What things does a court consider for child custody determinations? They will determine:

 *    The parent’s interaction and interrelationship a child has with their parent. They will also consider the siblings that are involved.

 *    A child’s adjustment to school, home and other major areas of their life will be another consideration the court takes into account.

 *    If a child is older and mature, the court may take into account the child’s wishes or feelings about which parent they’d like to live with.

 *    The relationship between the parent and the child. A parent that never spends time with a child or doesn’t care for a child will be weighed in the court’s decision.

 *    If one parent appears to be fostering the child to have a positive relationship and doesn’t restrict the other parent from exercising their time with the child. The court will determine which parent is acting in good faith and encouraging a child to have a healthy relationship with the other parent.

 *    If one of the parents intentionally misled the court or attempted to continue the litigation in hope for a better outcome to their case.

A child custody lawyer in Chandler, AZ will help a parent to stay focused on the best interest of their child during this turbulent time. The more difficult a parent appears to the court, the less likely they are receiving the time with their child they may want. The law firm of Janet R. Feeley, L.L.C. has years of experience handling these types of cases with outstanding results. Please feel free to browse the website and find out how they can help you during your family law case.

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