If It Comes To Divorce: Know Your Options Before Choosing An Experienced Divorce Lawyer in Hillsboro MO

by | Mar 21, 2018 | Lawyers

Few circumstances generate as much stress as a divorce. Hiring the right Divorce Lawyer in Hillsboro MO will be the first step in reducing stress. Before choosing a divorce lawyer, it’s important to know the various divorce processes: mediation, litigation, collaborative and cooperative. Once a client knows the direction they will take, choosing a lawyer to handle the details will be a tremendous relief. Visit the website.


Mediation is the most frequent and usually least expensive divorce process as it doesn’t involve court or hearings. The involved parties hire one neutral third party to mediate between them to discuss and settle all issues about to the divorce. Mediation allows involved parties to disclose personal and financial information confidentially without that information being disclosed a public record. Mediation allows the parties involved to control the processes and outcomes without decisions being imposed by a judge. Parties in mediation must be open and committed to respectful compromise.


Litigation comes into play when parties are unable to agree. All communication goes through hired attorneys. Most often the issues of contention are alimony, child support, child custody, and distribution of property. Litigation can last years and is usually the most expensive option due to the legal fees and court costs. Litigation usually involves high conflict and stress with the need to procure witnesses, testimony, and financial documentation. Furthermore, any financial information and declarations of accusation become public record. In litigation, children inevitably become involved in the conflict. Litigation most often ends with decisions on all issues imposed on both parties by a judge in family court.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative law involves lawyers, but all parties involved sign participation agreements in which all attorneys and the couple commit to be respectful and to avoid adversarial strategies. There’s also a stipulation that the attorneys involved will not participate in litigation should the parties be unable to agree. Collaborative agreements rely on creative problem solving to keep relational and emotional damage to a minimum. Records are private as with mediation, but collaborative law involves four-way meetings where the couple and both attorneys are present.

Cooperative Law

Cooperative law is very similar to collaborative, with four-way meetings and a commitment to creative and respectful resolutions, but it allows the involved lawyers to litigate for clients if they are unable to settle.

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