Important Bail Advice in Hudson, NY You Need to Know

by | Jun 14, 2019 | lawhubdirect

People who have never been arrested before or are helping someone out for the first time might need some bail advice in Hudson, NY. Even if a person uses the Internet to learn about bail, they might miss important details about being arrested and obtaining bail. A bail agent can answer all their questions.

It’s Not as Expensive as It Sounds

Anyone who doesn’t know about bail might be shocked if they get a $5,000 bond. They might think there isn’t any way the money can be paid. The good news is that, if a bail agent is used, the defendant only has to come up with 10 percent of the money. So instead of having to pay $5,000 to be released, a defendant only has to come up with $500. A person with a $1,000 bail will only need to come up with $100. Browse website¬†domain for more information.

It Might Not Happen

Another important piece of bail advice in Hudson, NY is that a defendant might not even be allowed bail. A defendant who is deemed to be a flight risk will be denied bail by the court. If a defendant is accused of some serious crimes, they might be denied bail or given one that is so high that it’s unlikely to be paid. Anyone who suspects they might have trouble getting a bail needs a lawyer present at their hearing.

It’s Not Instant

When a person does post bail, it’s usually not an instant release. There is paperwork that needs to be processed by the court and additional checks might have to be done with other jurisdictions. Authorities will try to find out if the defendant is wanted in other areas. If the defendant has other warrants, they may or may not be turned over to that jurisdiction. A jurisdiction might choose not to pursue the defendant if the warrant is for a minor violation.

It shouldn’t take long for a person to find out the basics about bail and dealing with the criminal justice system. A quality bail agent will take the time to address their customers’ concerns.

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