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What To Know Before Seeing A Malpractice Lawyer

Being injured or harmed through the actions of the medical staff and facility entrusted with care is an all too common issue. When this happens, turning to a medical malpractice attorney is an important first step.

For many people dealing with the death of a loved one with medical care, knowing if the actions or lack of actions by nurses, doctors, technicians or other health care staff contributed to the death is a very emotional subject. While sometimes this is the case, there are other times when the death was not a result of a mistake or error, which often leaves families searching for answers.

Schedule an Appointment

If there is a question as to the cause of an injury or death while in medical care, talking to a malpractice attorney is the most important first step. Doing this as soon as possible is important, allowing the attorney to access information, collect evidence and talk to witnesses before too much time elapses. This initial meeting, known as a consultation, should be free of cost.

It is also important to select the right attorney. Look for a lawyer with experience in the medical malpractice field and not an attorney that is simply experienced in personal injury cases. The website for the law firm should provide information. Asking directly about cases is also appropriate, although the attorney will not provide specifics for each case it will provide an overview or expertise and experience.

Bring Documentation

It is helpful to bring any available information and documentation to the first visit with the malpractice attorney. This can be helpful in the assessment by the attorney, providing a complete picture of the events and the possibility of medical malpractice.

Keep in mind, this can also include malpractice in a hospital or long-term care facility or a dental office, and it may include doctors, nurses and hospital staff.

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