Learning About Marijuana Possession as a Drug Crime in Mankato MN

Someone considering moving to a different city sometimes want to know what the crime rate is like there if they worry that criminal activity tends to be a problem in this location. Criminal offenses are often classified as violent crimes against people and property crimes. A Drug Crime in Mankato MN can even be considered as a separate category as it typically is not violent and also does not involve stealing or damaging property. Instead, it is an illegal transaction or possession of a mind-altering substance.

Marijuana Misdemeanor

Several states have legalized marijuana for medicinal and even recreational purposes. Minnesota allows marijuana as medication under very restrictive laws, but not for recreational use. The regulations regarding possession without a prescription provide relatively lenient penalties for amounts less than around 1-1/2 ounces. This is a misdemeanor for which a fine may be as high as $200.

Felony Possession

If someone is charged with possession of an amount greater than this, the Drug Crime in Mankato MN is now considered a felony with the risk of much harsher penalties. The defendant could be sentenced to up to five years in prison and fined up to $10,000 if convicted. This is a terrifying time for someone who had purchased 2 oz. for personal use instead of just one because the drug was available at a discount. But the court system views any larger amount as possible indication of intent to sell.

Support for Legalization

Many Minnesota residents believe that the state’s drug laws are too harsh. They would like to see recreational marijuana legalized since so many adults use it. In addition, there is some evidence that illegal opioid use decreases in places where marijuana is legal. Although marijuana is not entirely harmless and poses risks for certain individuals, opioid use has become an epidemic with heartbreaking consequences.

Until recreational use is legalized in Minnesota, residents charged with felony possession need aggressive representation from a skilled attorney. A lawyer with an organization such as Blatz Law Office works to make sure clients are cleared of the charges or receive the lowest penalties allowed by law. Anyone who needs help may start with Blatzlawminnesota.com.

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