Navigating Military Divorce in Colorado Springs, CO With Your Family Lawyer

by | Mar 11, 2024 | Law Firm

The military offers American citizens a reliable and patriotic way to support their families. If you join the military, you and your family will receive numerous government benefits in exchange for your service. However, if your family dissolves, your military status can complicate the divorce proceedings. Military lawyers in Colorado Springs, CO can help you navigate the military divorce process.


While in the military, your family may move more often than the average household. You may have to move while your spouse resides in a different state. Furthermore, certain aspects of the divorce will fall under federal jurisdiction. Military attorneys in Colorado Springs, CO will establish jurisdiction early in the divorce process.

Active-Duty Divorce

If you are on active duty with the military, you can be called to military bases all around the world as needed. Distance and army responsibilities can make it difficult to complete divorce proceedings. Military lawyers in Colorado Springs, CO can send you paperwork overseas or via email to ensure that the divorce can move forward without delay.

Military Pensions

The government offers a pension to those who have served. Your spouse may be entitled to a pension as well if you were married for over 20 years. Your lawyer will be able to assess the situation and manage your expectations.

Child Custody and Child Support

When you have a child while in the military, you may depend on your spouse for assistance with raising the child while you are on active duty. When you get divorced, military attorneys in Colorado Springs, CO can help navigate a fair custody schedule and child support payments that protect your parental rights.

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