Qualifying for Social Security Disability Benefits, Talk to an Attorney in Missouri

by | Apr 10, 2018 | Attorneys

Social Security disability benefits are available to people that can no longer work due to a disability. Benefits are not automatic; the claimant must have paid FICA taxes for an appropriate amount of time. Part of the approval process is passing duration of work and recent work history tests.

The “duration of work” test is given to ensure that the claimant has worked long enough to receive benefits. Someone in Missouri who claims benefits at the age of 50 must have worked for a total of seven years before they can qualify for disability benefits. The “recent work history” test is quite complicated; in general, anyone who claims after they have reached their 32nd birthday must have worked five out the previous ten years to be eligible for benefits.

Only Totally Disabled People Are Covered

The SSA (Social Security Administration) will not entertain a claim from anyone other than someone who is totally disabled; short-term or partial disability claims will be disallowed out of hand.

Under SSA rules, a person is totally disabled if:

  • They cannot do the work they have been doing
  • The decision is made that the claimant cannot do other work, and
  • The disability has or is expected to, last at least one year

How Can a Disability Attorney Help?

The entire process of applying for Social Security disability benefits is complex and fraught with potential problems. From the initial claim, through the entire appeals process in the event the claim is denied, an experienced attorney can be of significant assistance. Statistically, over two-thirds of all initial claims for disability benefits are denied. When you hire an experienced attorney, your chances of being approved at the appeals stage are far better than if you were to go it alone.

Getting approval for Social Security disability benefits is not easy. If you are looking for an experienced Missouri law firm, contact Grundy Disability Group. Visit them at http://www.grundydisabilitygroup.com.

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