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Questions That You Should Ask Real Estate Lawyers in Chicago

When an individual enters into a real estate transaction, there can be many questions that they need to have answered. Often times, a broker or an agent can field the questions. If the transaction is risky or complicated, the individual is better off hiring real estate lawyers in Chicago. What many people don’t understand is that when a lawyer says that they practice real estate law, it does not always make them qualified to take on the case. Before an individual hires a real estate lawyer, they should ask a few questions.

How Long Has the Lawyer Been Practicing?

If an individual needs help with a simple purchase agreement, it is fine to hire a lawyer with just a few years experience. If they are dealing with something complex, such as a real estate development, they would want to have someone with at least 8 years experience.

Have They Handled Cases Like Yours in the Past?

When it comes to real estate, not all cases are the same. It is a good idea to find real estate lawyers in Chicago who have handled similar cases. These lawyers will have the knowledge to foresee problems before they occur.

How Will They Handle the Case?

When an individual hires a real estate lawyer, they should ask how the lawyer plans to handle the case. If you cannot get a straight answer, it likely means that the lawyer does not know what they are doing. An individual should hire a lawyer who can give them a brief rundown of how they plan to handle the case.

How Does the Lawyer’s Office Bill?

It is a good idea for a person to find out how the firm is going to bill before they decide to hire them. This can prevent any surprises later. Most lawyers charge by the hour, and the standard rates are usually between $150 and $200 per hour. If the case is something simple, the lawyer may negotiate a set price.

Who Else Would Be Working on the Case?

Many lawyers have a paralegal or a junior attorney handle the beginning stages of the case. When this happens, an individual should know who besides the attorney will be working on their case. It is important that an individual knows exactly who will be working for them.

The Starr, Bejgiert, Zink & Rowells Law Firm will answer any questions their clients have.

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