Questions to Ask Yourself When Starting Estate Planning

by | Feb 10, 2020 | Lawyers

If you’re looking for a trusts attorney in Yucaipa, CA, it may be because you’re looking into estate planning. Estate planning is the responsible way to make sure that your beneficiaries get what you leave for them after you pass away. As difficult as these conversations are to have, they ultimately provide peace of mind for everyone involved. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your requests will be handled and executed when you’re no longer here to do it yourself. Following are three questions to ask yourself when beginning estate planning.

Are There Any Surprises?

Funerals are usually the time when previously unknown people come forward. Unmentioned children from previous marriages or forgotten ex-wives are just some of the people that could show up after a loved one passes away. Make sure that your lawyer has any information that you may not have shared with loved ones.

Are There Regular Monetary Gifts to Organizations or Individuals?

You will want to let your trusts attorney know if there are regular payments or donations that you make to individuals or organizations. If you want these payments to continue after you’re gone, inform your attorney of them so that there aren’t any issues.

Does Someone Have Your Passwords?

In this digital age, you will want to make sure that someone you trust has information such as your passwords for things like your banking and investment accounts. Make sure that this information is clearly spelled out with your trust attorney so that there are no legal hurdles with financial institutions after you’re gone.

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