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Requiring The Help Of Child Support Lawyers In Scranton, PA

Non-custodial parents are required to pay child support. To make payments fair, the federal government passed the Child Support Enforcement Act, a law requiring states to have legislation establishing a formula for child support payments. As a result, states have a guideline support range. This range is based on the parents’ income and expenses, with different guidelines in each state. So, the amount one pays in Vermont may be higher than what is paid in Virginia.

The law also allows judges to go above or below the guidelines based on special circumstances. An example of a special circumstance would be a parent who is a celebrity. With typically large incomes, the judge may go above the guidelines.

If your payments are too high, it’s suggested that you consult Child Support Lawyers Scranton PA. Further, the law requires that support payments be based on certain factors. Factors include the child’s standard of living when the parents were together. Also, the child’s needs, the income of the custodial parent and the payer’s ability to pay are factors.

Judges do not want children to be worse off after a divorce. Sometimes, this is impossible, but it is a goal. One of the things that payers grumble about is the income figure. Rather than using net income, the court uses gross income. Therefore, much of the money is gone before child support is set. It is a good idea to have child support lawyers in Scranton, PA when one goes to court to help prevent problems from occurring.

Lawyers make sure the judge takes everything into consideration. Indeed, a payer may have a second court order for other children. Some judges take this into consideration before ordering support. Courts may also order child support based on a parent’s ability to pay. An example of this would be a lawyer who now works road construction. The judge may think this individual should be working as a lawyer. Parents can ask for a support modification if there is a change of condition. However, judges are reluctant to order downward modifications. Therefore, the payer needs a lawyer to argue the case.

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