Reviewing Laws With A Paternity Lawyer In Jefferson County, MO

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In Missouri, men who suspect that they could be a father must take action to establish paternity. A paternity suit can provide men with the opportunity to establish their rights. The circumstances in which a man finds out that there is a possibility that they could be a father define how they can proceed. A Paternity Lawyer in Jefferson County MO shows men how to manage these cases and establish their rights.

Discovering a Pregnancy

Men who discover that a former romantic partner is pregnant could start a claim to determine if the child is theirs. However, certain conditions may apply. For instance, if the woman has started another romantic relationship, their ex cannot approach them with a claim out of jealousy. They must present just cause for indicating a possible biological connection to the child.

When the Mother Files for Government Assistance

Government agencies provide state-issued child support for single mothers. A possible father could file a claim after a mother obtains state-issued support. The mother must identify a father when they file an application. Once they receive a certain value, the state contacts the father to secure repayment of the child support. Once notified, the father has the right to request a DNA test to establish paternity.

Obtaining Parental Rights

It is possible for a spouse to fail to disclose a pregnancy during a divorce case. If the potential father discovers the pregnancy, they are within their rights to start a paternity case. When if the couple is divorced, the potential father can still obtain rights to the child. The same is possible for couples that were never married.

How is Paternity Established?

The father obtains a sample of the child’s DNA and provides a sample of their own. DNA testing is performed to establish paternity. If the mother refuses to provide a sample for the child, the father can petition the court to get a court order.

In Missouri, potential fathers have the legal right to file a petition to establish paternity. If they do not, they cannot secure the legal right to visitation or custody. The outcome of the case could determine if the father has a right know the child. Potential fathers who need legal assistance from a Paternity Lawyer in Jefferson County MO Contact Wegmann Law Firm now.

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