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Should You Contact a Drug Crime Lawyer in Junction City, KS?

People who have been caught with drugs often wonder if hiring a drug crime lawyer in Junction City, KS is really going to make a difference. After all, they were stopped by the police and they were caught with drugs on them. There’s plenty of evidence to convict them of a drug charge. The reality is, the sentences for drug crimes can be incredibly harsh, and there’s a chance the lawyer may be able to get the charges dropped, or at least lowered, so the person doesn’t have to worry about serving a lengthy sentence.

Why Was the Person Pulled Over?

If a person was stopped while they were driving, the lawyer is going to look into why the person was stopped. A police officer must have a reason for stopping the person. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a significant reason, but they can’t just pull over a vehicle because they feel like it.

Why Was the Person or Vehicle Searched?

If the drugs were not in plain view, how did the officer find them? Why did they decide to search the person or the vehicle? An officer must have probable cause to search a person or vehicle. They can do a preliminary search for weapons, but will need probable cause to search for drugs. There are, however, exceptions to this.

Was Everything Done Legally?

The lawyer is going to look into the answers to the above questions to find out what happened that lead to the charges. They’ll look to make sure the person was stopped properly and that the officer had a reason to search the person or vehicle or had permission from the person to conduct the search. If the stop or search was done illegally, the lawyer may use that as a defense to have the charges dropped.

Just because the officer has the drugs the person had on them as evidence doesn’t mean the person is automatically guilty. Everyone has the right to hire a drug crime lawyer in Junction City KS and to work with them on a defense. This defense could be that the stop or search was illegal and, therefore, the evidence cannot be used against the person. If you’ve been arrested and accused of a drug crime, browse the website for Addair Thurston Chtd. at website. Learn more about defenses for drug crimes and how a lawyer could help you. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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