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The Role Played by Commercial Real Estate Lawyers in Chicago

When people are interested in purchasing a home, they’ll typically work with a real estate agent. However, when it comes to commercial real estate, many developers use commercial real estate lawyers in Chicago. The fact is that while real estate agents and real estate attorneys are often confused in terms of the jobs they do. For a commercial developer or a purchaser of a commercial property, real estate attorneys offer very specific services.

In most cases, a real estate attorney will act as general counsel to a developer. If a developer is interested in purchasing a piece of property, whether it’s an existing structure or an undeveloped piece of land, the attorney will counsel the developer on the viability of the property to be developed. They will research things such as zoning laws, and they’ll investigate whether the property has any unpaid taxes or any tax liens on record.

In other instances, especially with a property that is already developed or a property that is nearing completion, commercial real estate lawyers in Chicago will typically work with their clients to develop leasing agreements. A commercial real estate attorney will be the contact person for the tenants of a commercial space for any dealings between the tenant and the owner of the facility.

In many cases, the commercial real estate attorney will handle the buying and selling of a property. While the developer will have the final word as to which property they purchase and which property they don’t, the real estate attorney will handle all the paperwork and all the negotiations when it comes to buying and selling a piece of commercial property.

With the important role that these attorneys play, it’s easy to see why commercial developers of all sizes use the services of a law firm like Starr, Bejgiert, Zink & Rowells. Real estate attorneys understand the nuances of real estate law, the process of negotiations in terms of buying and selling prices, and they know how to determine if a piece of property is worth developing.

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