Three Ways a Dog Bite Lawyer in Boston, MA Can Secure More Compensation for a Client

by | Dec 24, 2018 | Attorneys

Tens of millions of families across the country own dogs and treasure their companionship. While most dogs are friendly, sociable creatures, some others are very problematic.

In fact, around 800,000 people nationwide each year end up seeking medical treatment because of injuries caused by dog bites. Contacting a dog bite lawyer in Boston, MA will often prove to be the best way to resolve the situation satisfactorily.

Many Ways to Establish Culpability in Dog Bite Cases

Some dogs bite people for reasons that might be considered justified. Even a mild-mannered dog that feels physically threatened or is being actively attacked will often fight back as best as it can.

Many other dog bites can be rightly blamed on issues that owners should have recognized and dealt with, however. A dog bite lawyer in Boston, MA will typically look into the following details when trying to build a case.

  • History

Some owners express surprise after discovering their dog has bitten a human being. In many cases, however, a dog that bites a person will have an established history of aggression and attacks. Owners who fail to account for such facts in their subsequent dealings with their dogs can be held personally liable for the harm caused by a future bite.

  • Training

While most breeds of dogs have been developed to minimize innate aggression toward people, selective breeding can only accomplish so much. A dog whose aggressive inclinations have not been addressed through appropriate training will remain a danger to people around it. Once again, an owner who fails to keep up with such duties will generally be seen as responsible for any bites it might inflict.

  • Handling

How owners manage and handle their dogs when around others can contribute to culpability in the event of a bite. An owner who fails to properly restrain a dog that has a history of aggression will not be viewed charitably in the eyes of the law.

A Single Call Is All It Takes to Assess a Dog Bite Case

Click here to see that having a dog bite case analyzed by a lawyer does not need to be difficult or expensive. In many cases, getting in touch with an attorney turns out to be one of the best moves a dog bite victim can make. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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