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The Wegmann Law Firm Can Answer Many Legal Questions

If someone’s been injured on the job, or due to someone’s negligence, they should immediately seek the help of the Wegmann Law Firm. Personal injury isn’t the only area of law they practice. They also practice law in, divorce, child support, custody, real estate, business, civil, estate, criminal, and probate. Each attorney practices in a specific area and have the experience and knowledge to help a client through a difficult case. Family and probate law usually deals with clients’ emotions running high because of the subject. With the help of an experienced attorney, this traumatic time of someone’s life will be more peaceful with the right legal advice.

When a business has five or more employees, they are required to have a workers’ compensation policy covering their employees in the event of an accident on the job. If a construction company only has one or two employees, they are still required to carry this type of insurance. An injured worker should immediately report an injury to the supervisor and seek medical treatment. Even a small cut should be reported in the event it becomes infect and further treatment is needed. When a worker is unable to return to work, they should be paid for their regularly scheduled days they’re unable to work.

A settlement or payment for a permanent partial disability is available if someone’s unable to return to work. The extent of the disability will determine how much the settlement will be. Doctors or other experts will evaluate the worker and the medical records. The disability ratings from the doctor are critical to a worker’s case. The weekly amount of their salary when they were last employed will also be taken into the calculations. The best way to obtain a fair settlement is to obtain the experience of the Wegmann Law Firm.

Attempting to file a claim, be treated fairly, and receive the compensation you deserve on your own can be very difficult. If any deadlines are missed or papers are not properly completed, a claim can be denied. A worker’s compensation insurance company and the employer may try to force you back to work before you’re able to. Contact Wegmann Law Firm to find out how to protect your rights.

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