What are the conditions leading to outdoor slip and fall accidents?

by | May 27, 2016 | Lawyers

The following include factors which may produce conditions which might result in slip and fall incident outdoors, and the regulations on the duties of the property owner as far as these conditions and factors are concerned.

Snow or Ice Outside of a Building

The law doesn’t require a property owner to eliminate the snow or ice which builds up outside her/his building because of weather. However, if the conditions upon the property are going to create an unnatural build-up of snow or ice, the property owner might be held responsible for all slip and fall incidents as when:

  • Sloping surface of a parking lot may cause the melted ice to form puddles then refreeze to ice patches
  • Ice builds up upon a roof then it melts then drips off because of a clogged drain, and later on, refreezes to ice patches

Apart from the aforementioned factors, as the property owner opts to do ice or snow removal, she/he mustn’t do it negligently.

Not enough Outdoor Lighting

Also, insufficient lighting might produce accidents involving slip and falls within parking lots, trips over a curb, falls on the stairs or step from the parking lot to the store, and trips and falls due to irregular surfaces, cracks, and holes

Parking Lots

A parking lot owner is liable to sustain the parking lot in such a way that it’s reasonably secure for those using it.


There will include specific courts which oblige liability on a company for the injuries upon a sidewalk used solely by customers from and to a business, and an owner of a property ought to be responsible if the dangerous condition is present on her/his own private walkways.

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