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Why Hiring an Experienced Divorce Attorney in Marion IA is So Important

Family law is a complex arena that should only be entered by an attorney with proven experience. When a spouse wants to get divorced, they need a skilled legal team behind them to ensure all of the marital property is divided according to the law and that the children are properly taken care of during and after the divorce. Dissolving a marriage can take time. When a couple can’t agree on the major issues or one spouse attempts to hide assets or remove money from joint accounts, the other spouse should expect the divorce to be much lengthier than if they were able to reach an early agreement.

It’s important for a client to be patient and not rush the process. In order for a divorcing spouse to get everything they are entitled to in their settlement, all of the marital assets must be located and appraised. In cases where the family owned a business or real estate in multiple states, this process can take quite a while. However, determining the true value of these assets might work to the client’s advantage. A Divorce Attorney in Marion IA might retain the services of other specialists when they want to verify the values presented by the other spouse’s legal team.

By working with an experienced Divorce Attorney in Marion IA, a client can expect to get a fair settlement. Although they may not get everything they want in the divorce, teaming up with a skilled negotiator from Jacobsen Johnson & Wiezorek PLC might ensure they get everything they need to begin their new life as a single person. Clients with children who need to resolve issues surrounding custody and child support need aggressive legal representation to ensure the best interests of the children are taken into consideration by the court.

Divorce may not be easy but is should be fair. Spouses who attempt to save money by employing a family friend to represent them in a divorce case is often a mistake if that attorney does not have a wealth of experience in family law. The money spent on an experienced attorney tends to pay off when the case is settled.

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