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A Loved One Should Not Suffer–Contact A Nursing Home Abuse Attorney In Weston, FL Today

Nursing home abuse is more common than many people think. Failure to provide fresh drinking water, abuse, medication errors, failure to provide adequate medical care, and abuse are only some of the reasons an individual in a nursing home is considered abused. A loved one shouldn’t suffer at the hands of people who are supposed to provide medical care to them. With the help of a nursing home abuse attorney in Weston, FL, the victim can receive compensation for their injuries.

The elderly are fragile and vulnerable to nursing home abuse. The staff will claim the victim made up allegations because they’re crazy or they’re ill. Family members need to take their loved one’s allegations seriously. The elderly and their families rely on the nursing home providing medical care and fulfilling the victim’s needs. Some workers are only at a nursing home for a paycheck and don’t care what type of care they deliver to a patient. This is when an attorney needs to step in.

If Abuse Is Suspected

If abuse is suspected, the family should never confront the staff and get confrontational. They should inquire about a bruise, wound on the skin, or any other situation their loved one mentions. The facility will do everything they can to protect the employee and themselves against a lawsuit. A family shouldn’t be surprised when the facility lies to them or brushes it off as the old person is crazy. Although the patient is elderly, this doesn’t mean they are crazy or don’t know what they’re talking about. The family should place a call to a nursing home abuse attorney in Weston, FL to discuss the situation.

What Can An Attorney Do?

An attorney can help the family move the patient to another facility and sue the nursing home. Moving the patient will ease the stress and fear of retaliation from whoever has abused or neglected a patient. Aggressive representation by a caring and compassionate attorney will stop the abuse and provide a financial settlement for the victim of the abuse. If your loved one has not received the care they deserve in a nursing home, don’t wait to protect them from further abuse, contact us today.

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