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A Child Custody Law Lawyer In Blue Springs MO Will Help You Through This Emotional Process

Child custody cases can be emotionally charged when both parents are concerned about the amount of time they will be able to spend with their child. Having an experienced Child Custody Law Lawyer in Blue Springs MO helping through the process will eliminate common mistakes parents can make. Once a custody order is established, it is rarely changed unless there are extenuating circumstances, such as child abuse, incarceration, addiction problems and other things that can affect the welfare of a child. Crafting a child custody order that is in the best interest of the child or children that are involved is very important.

Will Each Parent Have Equal Time With Their Child?

Although the child custody law encourages equal time for each parent, it is not mandated. The court is only interested in the best interest of the child and how the custody order will affect a child’s emotional and physical well-being. If a parent has been or is incarcerated, or has an addiction problem, the court will take this into account.

Relevant Factors That Are Considered In Child Custody Decision

The mental and physical health of the parents involved will be considered by the court in a custody decision. A child’s adjustment to their community, home and school will also weigh heavily in a custody decision. The wishes of a child and the parents will be taken into consideration by the court, as well as many other components.

Parental Alienation

When a divorce or a custody battle begins, one parent should never create obstacles for the other parent being able to see their child. Unfortunately, hurt feelings and emotions can run wild. Children should never be put in the middle of a failed marriage or relationship by either parent.

Child Custody Disputes

It’s very important to maintain a relationship with a child and not involve hurt feelings from a failed relationship with a child. Finding a solution to a child custody dispute that meets the needs of a child and the parents can be difficult. With the help a Child Custody Law Lawyer in Blue Springs MO, a custody order can be established.

The Dana Outlaw Law Office can help you through this difficult process and provide the legal information you need.

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