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Drunk Driving Defense – What You Need To Know

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a serious offense. As the level of alcohol in your blood rises, you become a danger not only to yourself but also to others on the street as well. It’s difficult to maintain control of a vehicle when you are intoxicated, which leads to accidents. It’s not difficult to spot a drunk driver out on the road; they are unable to keep the car in a straight line and often have difficulty making tight turns. The extent of the charges primarily depends on upon your blood alcohol levels and any damage you may have caused while under the influence.

Building a Defense

You will need to hire a criminal lawyer to help build a drunk driving defense. Your lawyer will inform you of the charges filed against you and will also give you details about what you can do to protect yourself. In case the charges are proven, your driver’s license will be revoked, and you might even find yourself behind bars. Because of the complex nature of drunk driving legalities, you need a professional by your side to fight for your freedom.

Working with the Lawyer

When it comes to building a drunk driving defense, you will need to work closely with your lawyer. Your attorney will ask you a series of different questions about the incident and compile details before telling you how to proceed. Most importantly, your lawyer will also handle state prosecutors and give you detailed advice and guidance on answering questions and handling depositions.

It’s important that you find a reputable lawyer who can handle such cases. You need somebody who has a lot of experience specifically in dealing with drunk driving cases, as an experienced attorney will know how to navigate the treacherous court system. They will also be aware of the maximum sentence that might be levied against you under the circumstances. You should discuss the fee arrangement with the lawyer as well; some lawyers will charge an upfront fee, while others will only demand a fee after obtaining a satisfactory verdict. To know more about drunk driving defense visit at Adele Drumlevitch, Attorney At Law, LLC. You can connect with them on  for more updates!

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