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If You’re Struggling with a Brain Injury, Get Help from a Brain Injury Lawyer in New London, CT

A brain injury lawyer in New London, CT works with people dealing with some of the worst injuries that a person can suffer. Brain injuries diminish and adversely affect every area of a person’s life. Even seemingly minor brain injuries can have unforeseen consequences, so every brain injury must be taken seriously.

The Causes of Brain Injuries

The brain is fragile and more complex than the most powerful computer. Brain injuries can occur from a serious head trauma in an accident or as a result of medical malpractice. A series of less significant blows to the head can be just as damaging as a single major trauma. This is shown by the many reports about the debilitating symptoms that former football players were experiencing after receiving multiple concussions over their careers.

The Effects of a Minor Brain Injury

Brain injuries are unpredictable, causing each person to react differently. Concussions are often considered a minor head injury, but the brain’s ability to function is temporarily impaired. The victim could suffer from memory problems, dizziness, headaches, depression, constant fatigue and irritability. These symptoms may disappear in a week or two or linger for months or years.

Severe Brain Injuries Are Catastrophic

After a severe brain injury, people are unable to lead independent lives. Their personalities may be changed dramatically, affecting their relationships with friends and family. Recovery can be a lifelong process, even with the best medical treatment and rehabilitation. The ability to think and speak clearly is dramatically impaired, and emotional problems are not uncommon. There may be limited function in the legs or arms, and some patients remain comatose for long periods. The expected futures of people suffering from severe brain injuries have been ripped away from both the victims and their families.

It may take a considerable time before the true impact of a brain injury can be fully realized. Progress is often very slow and, as can be expected, medical costs are high. Money cannot restore what has been lost to someone suffering a traumatic brain injury, but is the only compensation allowable under the law.

Stephen M. Reck is a knowledgeable and experienced brain injury lawyer in New London, CT. If you or a loved one are dealing with the consequences of a serious brain injury, you need help. Visit the website, review their results in past cases, and contact the office today.

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